Monday, July 21, 2014

Saying "Neurotypical" would only be bigotry if THEY where the minority ...

I support neurodiversity. Yes, yes it can be used in a derogatory way. Is it bigotry, to use such a term? Even as an insult? No, it's not bigotry. Well, a lot of people will say it can't be, but I think it is possible for it to be bigotry. For it to be considered bigotry, first, you need to build a time machine. Then (back in time), you need to somehow alter to population so that neurotypicals are the minority. And when neurotypicals are (for generations) subject to segregation, humiliation, inequality, along with rhetoric like "epidemic" or "cure the disease" and just general cruelty. If someone on the spectrum, who will at this point have this massive support structure in society, says something like "Oh, those neurotypicals, they sure do have some funny ideas don't they?" Then, THAT, would be considered bigotry.

-Moromillas Radec

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