Sunday, August 3, 2014

Green - by Dallas Volk

GREEN If I grew quick and clever Touching surface too soon Would I likely get overturned? It was not my Spring… yet try I did To bloom from what I’d learned We foolish flowers Beyond helpful powers… Aren’t most of us lost Premature? Should I survive I would live for the Light As I always have strived To be sure

-Dallas Volk

Clouded / fragmented - by Flora Alice

The worst feelings are ones I simply can't describe a white blank page clouding me when everything escapes me and any traces of logic flee white noise clouds clattering cluttering me when all I've learnt seems wiped away leaving me hanging in air suspended when pattern collapses leaving me breathless I watch the fragments float away out of sight when I feel completely incomplete my body scattered my mind shattered F J-M

Seeing red / I exist / meltdown? - by Flora Alice

Seeing red / I exist / meltdown? My head is spinning My body is yearning Churning Swirling with anger Trapped in my own body Trapped in my own skin My silence is deafening My stillness is trembling Everyone leaves me I am leaving I have left Left my body I feel like crimson smoke Floating in the air A bitter residue Of an unknown despair I am red A vermilion hue The colour that I loathe I am my biggest fear If only someone could step inside my skin maybe then they would see what it's like to be me Listen to my silence my stark sighs Or ignore them as you do I know it is much easier To pretend That I am okay Like I am the others But please please, just remember that I exist I exist. F. J-M

Powerless - A poem by Flora Alice

It's a funny thing how the human race can turn me powerless Gag bound They mute me Sellotape my face so I cannot breathe Restrained They tie me up wind me around so I am paralysed Tied by the ropes of anxiety holding me back and pulling me out of reality F J-M