Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seeing red / I exist / meltdown? - by Flora Alice

Seeing red / I exist / meltdown? My head is spinning My body is yearning Churning Swirling with anger Trapped in my own body Trapped in my own skin My silence is deafening My stillness is trembling Everyone leaves me I am leaving I have left Left my body I feel like crimson smoke Floating in the air A bitter residue Of an unknown despair I am red A vermilion hue The colour that I loathe I am my biggest fear If only someone could step inside my skin maybe then they would see what it's like to be me Listen to my silence my stark sighs Or ignore them as you do I know it is much easier To pretend That I am okay Like I am the others But please please, just remember that I exist I exist. F. J-M

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