Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Incident At Arches

First week of June, 1981, my oldest brother took me on a camping trip
to Arches National Park, in Southern Utah.  We were driving all over,
hiking, taking photos and looking for a place to camp.

We found a beautiful oasis, and I told my brother that it was the
perfect campsite.  He said, "You can't camp there." I said, "Ok."
Later I said I want to camp in that oasis, again and again, I kept
saying I wanted to camp there, and we had a huge argument, so I
grabbed a sleeping bag and ran towards the oasis to prove it was
possible to camp there.

He grabbed me, and yanked me back in the
truck.  We argued for a long time about it. Turns out, he meant it was
illegal; I thought he was saying, "It's physically impossible", such as
"It's impossible to travel than the speed of light"!

Why don't people say what they mean?

Yours Truly,

Greg Allen
Salt Lake City, UT

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