Monday, June 10, 2013

Why We Must Withstand And Fight Discriminatory Oppression -Brian Melton reminds me.

I posted a line from my poem, on my page: "Why should we change for you, why can't you change for us, the reality is this; we must not collect dust"...A highly worth response to think about:

 Their ability to understand others with empathy is limited and that is why they are so unlikely to change in time to save themselves and this planet. Back when their knowledge base was limited by primitive dogma and superstition, they would accuse of those that were different, including Aspies, of being possessed by or in league with an invisible magical being that they call the "Devil." Now, that many of the NT's have achieved some basic comprehension of reality and science sufficient to cast off their irrational belief systems, they still persecute us...only now it's in the name of "exorcising" us of our "disease." And that's how they operate, no matter the belief system or thought construct, they persistently find some way to pathologize us in order to justify whatever cruelty they inflict upon us in the name of "treatment." We need to organize better not just as a community, but also as a culture. We are not like them and we don't have to be...because we can act up, speak out, get our message heard, gather allies, organize protests and rallies, and, when all else fails...we can "lawyer-up" with the best of them. We need to start defining ourselves, getting our message heard, take control of our image in the general public, and fight everyone who just wants to medicate us into a stupor or institutionalize us because it's cheaper(for them and their institutions) than doing the right thing and working with us. We need to use whatever laws are most applicable to leverage the system in our favor. Until we do, we will continue to be scapegoated.

Thank you Brian Melton, brilliant; and very true.

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