Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greggs' Story: I live in Utah, where it's very difficult for anyone "different" to fit in. I drank heavily for 30 years, I just thought I was extremely shy, and had a social anxiety problem....

I got my dream job as an imaging specialist at GE Medical clinic, and
they placed me right next to the Xerox machine, which made it
impossible to concentrate, so I was fired for lack of productivity.

I was also fired from another job, near BYU, which would have been
perfect, they said it was because of lack of productivity, but it was
actually because they wanted another Mormon, not a profane, drinking,
gambling low-life, (LOL)

There are at least 3 former employers (including my own brother) that
won't rehire me, because they don't want to hire somebody to watch me.

12 years ago I had a townhouse, new truck, and a nice job in
Milwaukee, now I'm broke, my credit is ruined, no job, no job
prospects, my parents are crazier than me and and in their eighties,
with failing health.

I also discovered not to stop taking Wellbutrin or Xanax suddenly. I
made a few death threats then nailed the bedroom door shut because I
though people we're trying to get in and kill me.

I want to run away and live in the forest with a horde of naked
animals. The only problem is it needs to be The Serengeti next to a
pharmacy and a liquor store. ;-)

Yours Truly,

Greg Allen
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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