Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"This Is Why We Exist" by Brian Melton

My response to Rose Guedes' latest update and to the hateful commentary that some have posted on a video featuring her child as part of Autism Awareness Day:

When someone asks something ignorant like "Why do people like you exist?," the question is rhetorical. They don't really want an answer. They merely want to harass, humiliate, and terrorize you into submission and silence. They are the most blatant example of the neurotypical compulsion for conformity, and they will say or do anything to make anyone different comply with the NT herd. The mere fact that someone would post such a foul comment on a video that featured a child shows just how low and mean and pathetic and powerless some people are in their own useless lives. Aspies have given this world most of the arts and sciences that it has. We are the reason why, at least in industrialized countries, the life span is around 80, instead of 47 or so as it is in many impoverished countries. Nature didn't care: for most of human history, humans typically died in their twenties. It took geniuses who could think outside of the box (because there never was a damn box) in order to create all of the progress that the Neurotypical dullards enjoy today. Aspies are generally highly sensitive, empathic, creative, loving people who simply want equal rights and justice; as well as a chance to participate in this world without having to hide who they are; but apparently some of the NT's are frightened of our gentleness. It threatens their world and their society with all of its economic injustice, endless war, and environmental devastation. They are terrified of anyone who represents a different way to live as a human being on this planet. Others of the more parasitical variety of NT see our gentleness as weakness, and make the mistake of thinking us easy prey. And some rare few of the NT's may have begun to realize what I recently discovered: the diagnostic tests are getting better, but they still miss more of us than not. There are more of us than any of us realize. We have significant numbers. If we identify and work to establish Aspie culture, much as the Deaf community has a strong, vibrant Deaf culture, then we can organize: we can demand better access to education, employment, and health. We can turn the tide against important issues such as the tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline. We can stop our continent being flooded with GMO poison. And, we can demand an end to wars that kill thousands more women and children than actual enemies. We could be a blessing way to this world, because we always have been a blessing way to this world. We just have to guide the course of our destiny.

So, what happens when stupid people say stupid things? Great movements sometimes happen, that's what.
-Brian Melton

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