Monday, April 22, 2013

Instruction booklet: heart, body & soul of an Aspie girl-by Alice Bassi

How can the males think to seduce me with their constant, officious and intrusive sexual hints? How could they ever think those hints could ever interest me? If other girls act like bitches, it doesn't mean I'm the same.
Talk to me about stars.
Videogames. Comic strips. Animated cartoons.
You can talk to me about books, films, music. Poetry. Foreign languages. Oh, please, talk with me IN foreign languages. It's so liberating.
You can talk to me about politics. History. Paintings, museums, science, prehistory, animals, biology, chemistry, philosopy, religions (no prejudices, thank you), literature, restaurants, theatres, Russian ballets, even pubs (the decent ones).
Please, teach me something and oh, please, learn something in return.
Don't talk to me about discos, drunks, misleading friends, misleading music, misleading idols. Don't talk to me about misleading politics, misleading values. Instead of speaking with me the language of ignorance, don't talk to me at all! We can be quiet together.
Don't touch me. You have to find the mental hook, the one which is set somewhere between us. That hook will open up my mind and my body. Don't touch me lightly, not even with your thoughts.
Seek me.
If you can't find me, let Ka work on its own. If you don't know what Ka is, read "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King. You'll understand so much about me.
We can talk together about other worlds, the multiverse, the chances after death (supposing that there are some). Let's discover the world and ourselves in each word.
Please, don't touch me.
Not yet.
Don't make me feel that pain.
An Asperger body is a body without skin.
-Alice Bassi

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