Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alice, on her relationship with NT parents.

I just ended a veeery long discussion with my parents. I find it very difficult to talk with them. They're both NT and they just... don't reach me. I love them. Really. But sometimes (most of the times) living on this planet is like being among the apes. They're intelligent, yes, but they... oh, it's difficult to say it in English (I'm Italian, unfortunately). They just... don't get it. They ALMOST get it. But not COMPLETELY. It's like talking to someone who's numb, or still asleep. They can go from A to B, but they can't reach C. And I'm... all alone. And the worst part is that they are sure I'M THE ONE who's a step back. It's very hard and frustrating. I can't make them believe the truth. They regret it. This reminds me about a quotation: "For them, I was the one who was insane; for me, they were the ones which were insane. But they - damn it - were a lot more (nd. more people, not more insane)." And now, music. "Make believe, I'm everywhere, leaving in your life, written on the pages - is the answer to a Neverending Story...". -Alice Bassi

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  1. Thank you.
    I hope some others ND like me could share my feelings.