Monday, February 8, 2016

Like walking on needles while dizzy.

"Good old meltdowns. It's hard for people to understand/relate to the pain they have not experienced in a certain context. Doesn't matter if you are on the spectrum or not, another can discard your agony as fictional, because they cannot imagine what it feels like or it isn't rationally possible for them. The same experience for two people can vary greatly in stress levels. 

I've had meltdowns from emotional overload forever and decided eventually to suppress/hide them for years to avoid "bothering" others (BAD decision). It's like walking on needles while dizzy till you can exhale and melt down properly (does it sound similar at all?). 

As long as people can understand that a meltdown comes from extreme stress and pain, I have faith that they will relate, because everyone has experienced emotionally painful and devastating things at least once in their lives. For someone with autistic traits, it can be a daily experience. 

Obviously, such high levels of stress need to resolve somehow! I do hope this issue will find its proper definition and description in the world and will be treated without stigma."

- Natasha P.

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