Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trying To Find A Balance, by Kristin N.

"We have to start communicating with one another if we are ever going to truly understand and be able to accommodate the needs of others. Too many of us suffer in silence, because when we try to speak up, we get shut down. It’s like no one really wants to listen, and they’re only out for themselves. All it takes is just a little compassion and the willingness to come up with solutions that will be mutually beneficial. I feel like this would solve a lot of problems in our world. 

We think that there’s no way everyone could get exactly what they need, but that’s not true, it just may not be in the way you had anticipated it, and you may have to find a balance with the needs of others. We make things out to be much more difficult than they really are. We say that it can’t be done, when we haven’t even really tried. You can’t just attempt to do something once and hope everything changes overnight. It’s a gradual process, that needs time and consideration. 

I guess people just don’t want to take the time to do things a different way. They would rather try to find a quick fix that doesn’t actually do anything to fix the things that are broken. We have a broken system that we keep trying to repair. But the truth is, the system needs to be rebuilt completely from scratch. 

The first thing that comes to mind is how much time it’s going to take. Time means nothing when it comes to creating a better life that everyone can enjoy to the fullest. We are already wasting time by doing nothing. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and the planet. The very first thing you can do is work on your own personal transformation which inspires others to do the same. 

You can’t make changes if you do things the same as everyone else. We all have our own unique purpose and they are equally important. We need to embrace our differences, because there is only one YOU on this planet. YOU are the only person who can do what YOU were meant to accomplish. No one else can take your place. Your experience is vital to the healing of every last soul that walks the earth, so make the most of it, and don’t ever give up!"

- Kristin N. 

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