Thursday, February 26, 2015

Differing Viewpoints - by Eden Colvert

You never know when you catch the eye of another looking at you from across the room, what it is they think of you in that moment alone. I know that some look and think "beautiful but dumb" and are shocked the moment they hear them speak.  Others look and think looks good but I wonder.............well let me edge closer to hear them talk and OMG what a waste, dumber than a box of rocks but that's ok we can be friends but never lovers...........some look at only the outside while not really wanting the inside, while others look at the inside without really wanting to touch the outside at all.  When these 2 meet and the sparks begin to fly back and forth from one to another being the polar opposites that they are, starting off with the silly banter of the one looking at the outside and giggly replies of the one looking at the inside. The one looking at the outside showers all manners of words in hope to find the magic words that they have been taught to use to unlock that which they want in that moment alone, while the one looking inside giggles as they take those magic words and rearranges them in a more magical way to hand back in their exchanges of keys to locks...............which way will it go in the quest to unlock that of their highest desire in that moment alone, for you see the one looking at the inside can never become as one who looks only at the outside, but the one looking at the outside can become as one who looks at the inside too.

-Eden Colvert 

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