Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Another friend, who is clearly autistic, is broken hearted today; after being REFUSED of her rightful that would bring this young mother the help and understanding that she very much needs and deserves!! ARGH it just INFURIATES me!!! It's sick, it's disgusting, it's cruel.... and it's only getting WORSE. What IS their problem?? What?? are they afraid of us??? I guess so!! Only the threatened will bully THIS badly...and what they're doing is pretty well SADISTIC. This is Structural Violence, through and through!! It has to STOP. We have to come together and BOYCOTT PSYCHIATRY!!!! What's it gonna take for the agony and heartbreak to end?? We have to do something! PSYCHIATRY CLEARLY IS NOT QUALIFIED TO DIAGNOSE AUTISM!!! THIS SHOULD BE A NEUROLOGISTS' OR NEURO-PSYCHOLOGISTS' JOB!!! Why, in god's name, is psychiatry the highest authority on a NEUROLOGICAL condition???? Why is this continuously being allowed??? WE HAVE TO RISE UP AND SAY: NO MORE. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO STOP THESE PEOPLE'S SICK GAMES OF INSIDIOUS DENIAL. The denial is as thick as an Opaque Fog...I mean; guys, you have SEEN my videos: am I not CLEARLY quirky and different??? Everything about my behaviour clearly points to being a woman on the autism spectrum. Yet I was denied THREE times! Three times, until I went and captured childhood footage, of things like me CLEARLY AND BLATANTLY stimming and scripting. Only THEN was I acknowledged...and even then, the diagnosing psych gave it away by saying: "well, I wanted to say you were Borderline, but the childhood footage especially didn't lie, and yes if you watch closely you do have subtle facial ticks, i have to admit" Plus I basically told her that I didn't know if I could go on, if I didn't recieve the truth. I sort of held it to her, and she did seem to have compassion for that and take that seriously. but It's like she indoctrinated to be in favour of denying it, if she could possibly get away with it. However, she admitted she couldn't, in the face of overwhelming evidence (as well as learning/processing tests) in which I had intentionally gone overkill on. This insane level of denial, which is about money and a few other key things; is BEYOND unethical. Doesn't matter what they're afraid of, as far as I'm concerned: THEY NEED TO FIND A WAY TO HELP US, NOT JUST BURY THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND,TURN A BLIND EYE AND DENY OUR EXISTENCE: BECAUSE IT'S CRUEL.
This is happening to females especially, but even guys are experiencing it too. I'm hearing more and more about heartache caused by ASC diagnosis denials; and I can barely stomach it any more!! This is abusive, callous and SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS!! It's almost as if they don't want to give us our Dxs, because then they "have to be nicer" to us, rather than continuing to abuse us as they wish; to devalue us as "defective people in general" This is, seemingly, what they would rather do! I say we come together and start some sort of class action. Enough is enough!!!


  1. i empathise!
    be strong and positive

  2. thank you <3 i want justice. and that'll be closure so i can heal.