Monday, July 15, 2013

Resplendent- A Beautiful Poem by Kerrilynn Harris

Kerrilynn Harris is a wonderful and inspiring woman. She is a gifted, multi-talented, highly empathic mother, writer, creative; and self advocate on the autism spectrum. Like myself and many others, she was diagnosed in adulthood. Her honest and poignant writings describe her experience with coming to be in her autism; into her true self. She describes so frankly letting go of the expectations, the judgements, and bypassing the unhelpful "help"that has plagued us throughout our lives; until we become true to ourselves. Thank you Kerrilynn, fellow Au female heroine on the front line; she puts herself out there so that others will learn to understand us. It's important and excellent work. Check it out.


This shedding of layers, 
this unraveling of my soul, 
of my mind
it's a process,
a detox,
a liberation.
I'm fragile yet strong.
I'm broken yet healing.
I'm cracked,
yet I'll be filled with gold*.
Progress is lagging
Acceptance is an exertion.
Painful, raw.
Emotions histrionic.
Healing is auspicious.
Emergence is transpiring.
Fresh new soul,
Mind changing, developing,
neural pathways.

toxic layer, 
after toxic layer, 
finally, revealed beneath the messy,
broken layers, 
is a new,
formed self.
A free self. 

A newborn creature,
a soul I now know and love.
Fragile, yet complete.
New understanding of self.
Finally wings are free. 
I emerge,
My true self.
Liberated and free.

Kerrilynn Harris ©

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  1. Awwww thank you Rose! I only just saw this now <3 I think the same about you. Such kind words. I needed it today after what has been happening in my life lately. Stay strong too. You are such an inspirattion to me. You work so hard and tirelessly. Stay strong.