Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Observe what happens to a lot of rainbow zebras

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I'm in the same places with a similar diagnostic spread. Honestly at this point I've basically given up on ever getting treatment. I've been stuck in a continuous cycle of having to try to prove over and over that I am sick. It doesn't matter that I have evidence and tests. I've just accepted that my life is over. I'm 27 this year, I've been severely ill since I was 20. The harder I fight the more they treat me like I'm just crazy. i'm diagnosed with somatoform now despite the several positive test results, because I'm distressed over the fact it's been 6 years and I'm getting less treatment then I was in the beginning despite getting sicker. So I'm now blacklisted from medical help too, because the treatment for somatoform is refusing you medical care. Honestly I don't care anymore. I was pretty mentally healthy but now I just want to die. Like that is now my life goal. Die. I can't kill myself because if I fuck it up they can lock me in the hospital but they have taken someone who was doing pretty ok in all aspects of life, and made me a complete mess. Then blamed me for having severe PTSD from 6 years of gaslighting and being blamed for not being able to overcome POTS and EDS with diet and exercise.

+kaorugirl180 I'm so very sorry. Your story absolutely disgusts, enrages, and saddens me for you. I know exactly how you feel, as you know, it happened to me. But you are articulate and you did word it very well..probs exactly why they had to blacklist you, I suppose. I caught them with their pants down trying to do this to me, and I have had some success, maybe because I did put it "out there" in social media a bit. Though this can be a double edged sword, it's a power we can excercise when all else fails. Though I'm very sick myself, I am slowly getting somewhere (hopefully on time) and, I want to help you, and other people for in which this abuse happen to (and that's a lot) in the ways I am able... do you have an official EDS diagnosis, and POTS diagnosis. If so, you have more power than you think. (even if you don't, it's not hopeless, you can still get a dx) .. The grassroots activism re EDS and similar is getting stronger. We who are "getting somewhere" are coming to the aid of our fellows who are experiencing the brunt of medical abuse. There are organizations you can connect to, who can help you connect with people in your area that can help advocate. I will write you a staunch letter to do my part, if you like. This has got to stop. We will survive and we will put this to a stop so others never have to endure such horribly abusive and callous antics.

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