Saturday, December 5, 2015

Justin Fahmie's story

At 15 years old, my stomach began to feel not quite right. After a few months my mom noticed I was slowly withering away. Nearly 6 feet tall, and barely covering 100lbs. Local docs were hopeless. My mom fought for me to get admitted to children's hospital. 
Children's hospital finally found the problem.. Some weird thing called Crohns. At the time the word meant nothing to me. A cool nurse hid me a nurse laptop station, so I could use the Internet and research. 
So I spent the week or however long I was admitted for researching. Learning what I was in store for. I also found people like Lorraine and Joel at this time. My first real support group. 
Soon after eating the hospital I went to the CCFA camp hope on the mountain. Where I spent time with other kids with Crohns. It was overall a decent time. I saw many who felt like I did. One of which I still contact to this day. 
Transitioning into an adult with Crohns has been a nightmare. Doctors have no compassion. The doctors who care are so held back by laws and policies they can't be effective. Medications don't work, doctors don't believe you, it's a vicious cycle 
Now, 32 years old. More than half my life I've been in agonizing pain and no one, not a single person. Can help me. Doctors throw drugs at me, then it's my fault they don't work. 
How would you feel spending your life like this? Not just daily.. 

- Justin Fahmie

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