Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where's Carly? still heard nothing ...

It's been about 6 weeks since Carly Fleischmanns' dad finally posted a brief message explaining why she's been silent for nearly a year. Since then, we've heard nothing, nada, all's quiet. If anyone has heard anything more, or has anything to share on this, please do bring it to my attention.Tbh I'm starting to worry and sorry to sound paranoid, but, what the hell?? 

Personally, before this happened, I was worried that Carly would be increasingly seen as a threat by some in power, because even as a budding kid, she demonstrated that Au folk capability to see it and tell it like it is, no BS, eloquently and brilliantly too. I predicted that she'd grow fast, to talk about global issues and reform; big time. I could see the next great like Helen Keller was. Plus, even more dangerous, everybody was "hailing" her so she was in an extraordinary position where many would listen. She had the words of a good aspie minus all the "aaah just a crazy person"/bystander affect/prejudice that weighs us down.

She had Autism Speaks f****** just swarming around her like moths to her flame, pouncing on and interfering with her miraculous being, pretending to staunchly support her etc.. and I was thinking "get off her you manipulative gremlins, she needs real Au community" Her well meaning but NT parents were hooped, and ultimately in control of Carly's affairs.

In the back of my mind I had this sense of doom that something bad was gonna happen, and then she fell silent. Well, here it is. I hope the hell 2 things, A) that she recovers her ability to speak again, which may only happen IF whatever the hell happened in the first place becomes identified for what it is, and is somehow undone (and Carly could, feasibly, discover and channel it back via her own instincts, it's hard to say and harder to explain) and B) If she does recover (and if autism speaks swoops in with superficial sympathy that'll really piss me off) I hope she is able to speak out and get her boundaries up, and become involved with those who actually do support her growth and her powers.

It reminds me of the superficial confidante of a young royal who is secretly contracted to silence/trap/overtake/assassinate them in some way. Creepy, suspicious, there's a pit in my stomach over it all @ #wherescarly

-Rose Whitson-Guedes (Girl Outside)

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