Tuesday, February 18, 2014

there's still good somehow...

Thank you so much to my friend Dylan Hoen. he left work to come and make sure i was ok when my dad was out. i was panicking and scared. He brought me food, probiotics, potassium and electrolytes. we figured out the reason why i was so shaky/seizure-ish feeling was potassium drop. consuming potassium worked to take it down, though didn't cure. I had eaten nothing up til then, for hours. been hard to keep food down so taking it easy. but when people do that kind of thing for me it reminds me that maybe life is still precious. when i hear my sons voices it's the only time i know that up until now. my heart may be broken because of all the cruelty towards autistic people, for all the severe reverse-discrimination and the denial of us when we cope, the invisible bullying, the framing, the blacklisting; the abuse... but for every one of those vicious reptilian people, for every one of those sensory dulled desensitized brainwashed dullards, there's a good person who knows the truth. there's a good person who has a sense of real morale in the name of love, rather than a pseudo morale that they've been told is "right" that whispers "life isn't fair, get over it." yes in the name of love, and compassion, in the name of God; for every nasty greedy material possessed reptile pillaging the beautiful earth of all it's natural resources, poisoning the food supply with unnatural substances that make us all ill in one way or another, and caring not about any of it; there's a human being whose good, and that i love.

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