Friday, April 8, 2016

Capitalism is not our enemy! Here's why - Corey M.

Capitalism is not our enemy! Here's why:

The answer isn't taxing the rich CEOs that are producing things. It should be voluntary. I believe there should be zoning for businesses to determine how many of the same type of service can be in that area and the amount for one business franchise too, in a way to expose variety along the way before reaching them. 

This happens in malls but, the franchises are being phased out with little to no traffic for smaller businesses. Then they should tax unproductive and retired billionaires no longer producing things or an unproductive inheritance. I just shared a sad picture of this; A small mom and pop being punished for producing things here in America. 

We should also tax nations to do business with us as well or they would just lose revenue. This would insanely stimulate the worlds' economy, if other nations adopted this as well. 

My other criticism is healthcare can be free and adequate privately and publicly. For instance, if you work for a company they won't tax you for your plan nor the CEOs either. Going back to fees and taxes for service. This would kill three birds with one stone - Including inadequate care for the disabled who don't qualify for private care from service taxes and fees, shortcuts (due to paying everyone to live and not just survive to where they hate their jobs and take it out on patients and lack of pride) and boost the economy. 

I swear, the world would be like a better Fifth Element if the regulations and politics were left out. We'd even have flying cars if people would get their heads out of their asses... 

The more government positions created by the government to oversee and regulate private affairs the more money they're going to want which mean higher taxes passed on to us by struggling companies to remain afloat without outsourcing. 

People should be able to survive doing whatever they want. You can if you can start your own business or if others are allowed to work amongst large work forces and no one is left out and are only appreciated. Capitalism made this happen in the 1800's, the 1930's, 40's and 50's and the 80's. There are risks in infrastructural jobs but, it should come with the territory and be on contract and wavers. 

We don't need stupid oversight and government regulation organizations telling them what to do if it's well under the law. We also need to get rid of the Sierra Club and the EPA. They are the greatest environmental offenders than all of the factories were that they shut down. 

The more regulations, the more room for shortcuts and deception to arise to remain under code and keep from being docked pay on an already struggling revenue stream and death by taxes. These fucking organizations could at least make sure that for every asset they faze out to save the environment at least make sure it's been adequately replaced as to not displace the workers in secluded towns where they were their only means of world. 

Spoiled f****** totally disconnected making these decisions and it needs to stop. 

That's all I have to say about that.

-Corey M. 

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